How to Create Separation In Life w/ Marques Colston #59


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Transitioning Into Entrepreneurship

You will learn about Marques Colston transitioning into entrepreneurship. While creating separation on the field between the lines of the NFL. Now as an executive coach, entrepreneur, and hall of fame football player Marques shows us how we can leverage our athletic skill set to roll over into a fruitful career after sport.

0:00 - Snippet of the Show

00:45 - Intro to Beyond the Ball

2:45 - Creating Separation

5:45 - Transitioning Into Entrepreneurship

9:40 - Daily Routine

11:30 - Entrepreneurship (Theory vs. Tactical)

14:00 - Next Level of Helping Athletes

17:00 - NCAA, Name, Image, and Likeness

20:00 - Whose Coming to Dinner

22:30 - Two-Minute Drill

26:00 - Always Staying on Brand

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