How to Successfully Transition After Sport w/ Kehinde Aragbaye #62


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How to successfully transition after sport? Luckily Kehinde Aragbaye provides us with some answers on how to navigate this space. He shares his transition story and how he had a vision that would help change his life forever.

0:00 - Interview Snippet

0:30 - Start of the Show

1:34 - Introduction of Kehinde Aragbaye

3:30 - Breakdown of Nigerian Tribes

5:15 - Where it started with basketball

8:07 - What Happens Now?

10:42 - Prevention is the best medicine

13:10 - Schools still haven't figured this yet

17:00 - It's only 1%

20:10 - W.H.Y. (What Hurts You)

22:25 - Kehinde's Book Revelation

26:22 - Jonathan's brief rant

29:00 - Where you can find Kehinde

29:31 - The 2 - Min Drill

32:31 - Connect with Kehinde

33:28 - How you can support the show

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