Shady marketing techniques to avoid and ethical selling


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Today's mini bite episode is all about shady marketing techniques to avoid and ethical selling.

It's important for us to understand that there are different vibes for showing up on social media with sales. Unfortunately there are a number of questionable sales tactics being used on social media and some are more obvious than others. It's important to remember that we’re in 2021 and people are very social media savvy and can read the digital room. So if we use these shady techniques people can often see them for what they are.
In this episode I'll be talking about:

  • what shady marketing techniques are
  • 3 reasons why people use them
  • specific tactics to avoid
  • what is the potential impact on your business when using this type of sales tactic.

The results might seem instant but often they are only temporary. Using ethical sales techniques and showing up with integrity will serve you, your business and your customers much better in the long term.

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