Ep 127 - Mark Metry On How To Overcome Social Anxiety And Growing Your Podcast


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"The best things in human history have started when it was not a good time. Honestly, it´s not about you, it´s about the people that need you." Our especial and returning guest, Mark Metry, founder of Growcasts talks with Carolina about his journey from writing his book "Screw Being Shy" to coping with social anxiety during this pandemic, as well as the journey of unlocking the potential of other leaders in order to generate a huge impact worldwide. In this episode you´ll discover:
  • The difference between being introvert and shy
  • How to deal with social anxiety
  • How to create certainty in this uncertain times
  • How to reach and unlock the potential of other leaders to generate a greater impact
  • How to create a successful podcast
  • How to re-purpose your content
  • And so much more!
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