BTI #284: How to Land a Magazine Cover


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It’s the week of FITposium! Our 7th annual conference. We started back in 2015 to a group of 50 people crammed into a small conference room in a Holiday Inn Express and it has grown so exponentially that over the last 7 years we have had 1500 graduates all setting out to build a better brand and profit from it. This year, we have completely re-formatted it and the focus this year is how to earn and leverage the power of getting published. We are just a few days out from FITposium 2021.

I thought I would dive into answering a question I get a lot: “How do I get on a magazine cover? I don’t just want magazine features, I want to land that pinnacle cover feature.”


  • How James has seen people procure magazine cover features.
  • The importance of pitching often.
  • Building a relationship with the magazine and how it benefits you.
  • Why you should try and be valuable to the magazine.
  • How building relationships with the photographers is a good idea.

“Luck is like a bus. If you miss one, there’s another one coming in 15 minutes. The difference is, you have to be showing up.”

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