BTI #337: Escaping the Amish "Paradise" with Lizzie Ens


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On today’s episode, my guest is Lizzie Ens. She is the founder and creator of UnDiet Yourself. She has a very different story of what her life was like at the age of 19. When I was 19, I lacked direction and motivation. But today, let’s jump into what Lizzie’s life looked like then and now.

“I was able to look forward. Not everybody’s able to do that.”


  • Where Lizzie’s story started at the age of 19.
  • Misconceptions and truths in the Amish world.
  • What Lizzie’s future could have looked like.
  • The awakening that led to Lizzie’s leaving.
  • How Lizzie started adjusting to the real world.
  • Overcoming fears and being truly who you know you are supposed to be.
  • Being able to ask for help.
  • How to keep moving forward.
  • The importance of getting to know yourself and being okay with becoming a new version of you.
  • Focusing on your own journey.
  • Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • How Lizzie’s past has shaped her current career.
  • One of the best thing’s Lizzie did when she first started her career.
  • Why success isn’t just making $10,000 a month.

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