BTI #338: Let Us Rage!!!


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Do you want to know what pisses me off? A lot. Conventional wisdom will tell you that anger is bad and rage will hold you back. But you know what? I love my rage, I cherish my rage. I worship my rage. Because I can harness my rage.

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about how you, too, can harness your rage.

“When it’s applied appropriately with focus, it can actually accelerate you faster with more energy, with more purpose, and with more confidence.”


  • How we as entrepreneurs can actually harness and leverage our anger and how it benefits our trajectory.
  • The importance of not being blinded by your anger.
  • How anger can be used to benefit you.
  • Fear vs. rage
  • Personal stories of situations in my life where anger fueled me in the right way.
  • What specific things rage can help you do.
  • Why you shouldn’t harness your rage.

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