BTI #347: How to Land More Podcast Interviews


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Do you want to know what’s embarrassing? Having someone walk in on you while you are listening to yourself on your own podcast. Immediately, they think that you’re doing it because your ego is so big. You try to defend yourself and say, “No no! I’m just checking the audio levels, that’s why I’m listening to my podcast.” They won’t believe you.

I do like to hear myself talk. This is episode 347 and before this podcast, I’ve done 200 episodes on other podcasts. Over 500 episodes of me talking. Did you know that last year alone, I was a guest on 40 different podcasts? Why? Not to hear myself talk, but because being a guest on those shows amplified my authority, raised my awareness, and generated more leads for my business.

Let’s talk about how to get on podcasts.

“You do not need a lot to land a podcast feature.”


  • The only thing required to land a podcast.
  • What you need to pitch to land a podcast.
  • How to create a press page.
  • 3 ways you can land more podcast features.
  • Email pitches.
  • When to send follow ups.
  • How to hire for less.
  • Trading features.

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