BTI #349: How to Grow Your Coaching Business with Frank Macri


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I truly wonder how often it is that we as entrepreneurs get into our field in a very roundabout way. For example, as a photographer, I got into photography through being a journalist. The plan was never to be a photographer. I was trying to leverage my experience as a photographer to get more jobs as a journalist. Eventually, I owned being a photographer. The same thing happened as a business coach. I provided marketing strategy and business coaching services to many of my clients who hired me for photography or hired my team for graphic design. Owning what you do shifts how you look at it.

My guest today is Frank Macri, the founder of Thriving Coach Academy and the host of the Life Secrets Coaching podcast.

Today, we’re talking about how to grow your coaching business.

“True coaching is not about sharing your life experience or sharing your advice… Coaches use frameworks and processes to help clients understand their mind and how their brain is working.”


  • The first time James publicly announced he was doing business coaching.
  • What led Frank to becoming a business coach.
  • What coaching really is.
  • Defining characteristics of a great coach.
  • Why confidence in yourself matters.
  • Investing in yourself.
  • Staying away from selfish marketing and do selfless marketing instead.
  • Important things to uncover when coaching your client.
  • How to market yourself.
  • Never assume it’s not working.
  • Client preferences and why they matter.
  • Curiosity and why it’s important.
  • Choose your failure.

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