BTI #352: When You're Stuck in a Hole


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We need to discuss the last 3 weeks. There were 4 trips to the pediatrician, 3 trips to urgent care, a telehealth appointment, as well as a quick stroll to another clinic just to make sure that we spread out our deductibles to as many providers as possible. There were some rampant fevers, lots of bodily fluids, a tremendous amount of coughing, and even a dog bite! If that wasn’t enough, I had some equipment malfunction at some of my businesses, some loss of power, a malfunctioning A/C unit, and an incident with a Skittle; don’t ask.

Everyone’s okay but I’m exhausted and behind at work. Today, I’m in a hole and we are diving into the lie of what social media and others may tell you about when you’re in the midst of a struggle.

“My actions moving forward can keep me in this hole or make this hole deeper.”


  • Studying ads and how this can be helpful.
  • Why being in a hole doesn’t mean you’re lazy or scared.
  • The truth about being in a hole.
  • How to get out of the hole you’re in.
  • The importance of assessing what created the hole and taking the right action.
  • Making a list of priorities and moving forward with it.

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