BTI #353: 7 Ways to Get More Clients


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I believe there are two camps of marketing.

There’s the reactive marketing camp; “if you build it, they will come.” The primary tenants of reactive marketing are hope and prayer. It’s the type of marketing that encourages you to focus on your social media content and building an expensive and robust website so you can take advantage of SEO.

The other marketing camp is proactive. It’s about setting a strategy that is filled with specific tactics that approaches your target audience where they are and gives them a reason to enter into your ecosystem. The one camp will sit by their email, the other camp will go out and generate business.

“You can’t make sales without leads.”


  • What a previous VP of mine said to me that made an impact.
  • Specific ways to get more clients for your business.
  • Marketing tactics that don’t produce results.
  • Why relying on one source of lead generation is a big mistake.
  • Ways to leverage the power of advertising.
  • The power of word of mouth referrals and maximizing them.
  • Affiliate programs and partnerships.
  • Having lists that you own and how to rent them.
  • The importance of earned media.
  • Brainstorming how to mine new leads for your business.

Join us at for a whole session on affiliate programs and getting your first 25 affiliates selling for your business!

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