BTI #359: Avoid Hustle, Become a Leader with Elizabeth Hartke


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I’ve talked a lot on this show about how easy it is for entrepreneurs to fall into the hustle mentality because we see so much rhetoric out there on social media about it.

I saw a post the other day saying that entrepreneurs are wanting things handed to them and aren’t willing to work for it. That’s not what I’m seeing. I’m seeing entrepreneurs who are hustling themselves into an early grave. They are working so hard and may not be seeing results so they think they’re not working hard enough and think they have to work even harder.

My guest today is Liz Hartke. She’s the founder of Luminary Leadership Co and she helps entrepreneurs see beyond the work. Liz helps them see why they do the work and helps them grow, not just as a business operator but as a business owner.

“The dream is not really the dream if you have to steamroll all the people you love most in order to achieve it.


  • What inspired Liz to help entrepreneurs get off the hustle hamster wheel.
  • The importance of scalability.
  • Combining strategy and leadership.
  • Defining leadership and the qualities of a leader.
  • Why you may be resistant to pause, reflect and go through slow, but needed change.
  • How to create this important habit in your day to day.
  • Why weekly consistency is so powerful.
  • Intentionality and why it’s important.
  • Two things to start incorporating: reflection and vision.

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