BTI #371: Escape the Grind with Ken Attard


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My guest today is Ken Attard, a mindset consultant.

Today, we’re discussing how to escape the entrepreneurial grind.

“Every experience that is happening in your life is a byproduct of the way you are thinking, of your mindset.


  • The lie behind “the grind.”
  • The lightbulb moment in Ken’s life.
  • New mindsets to adapt.
  • Stop compromising your values.
  • Great intentions don’t mean there’s not a better way.
  • Feeling good more often than you feel bad.
  • The triple U syndrome.
  • What you should be prioritizing first.
  • It’s a journey to go on, not a destination to reach.
  • Be happy now, while eager for more.
  • Action vs. Inspired Action
  • Doing the small things everyday.
  • Practicing gratitude.
  • Being honest with yourself.

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