Episode 27: Justin Sunseri of The Polyvagal Podcast


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What a GREAT episode! I catch up with first time REPEAT GUEST: Justin Sunseri, lfmt in a late night chat. (Late for me because it was 9pm )

Justin continues to do amazing work in the world teaching about the Polyvagal theory and ways to address challenges from a perspective of being stuck, not broken. He utilizes this hash tag on his website and Instagram accounts, #stucknotbroken, to reinforce the idea that people are not broken or unfixable, they just may need some help getting un-stuck.

He has a wonderfully informative podcast, The Polyvagal podcast, that serves to provides information on the polyvagal theory, good standards and practices for therapy, and ways you can begin thinking about “stuckness” from a new approach.

Justin has been working with underprivileged youth and families since graduating in 2008. This experience has been accumulated through various settings, including: school-based, outpatient, residential, juvenile hall and suicide/crisis phone center. Justin’s entire career (so far) has been working directly with children, teens and their parents. Modalities include: educational or therapeutic parenting groups, family therapy, play therapy and individual traditional talk therapy.

In this episode we discuss the importance and ease of implementing play, what we think people are doing during quarantine, and my own personal green dragon in the bathtub.

I had a wonderful time speaking with Justin and I think that enjoyment comes through in this episode. Please come and celebrate the simple joy of human connection around topics you may love as much as I do: how our body and nervous system respond to stress and what we can do about it, ways to be more in the present moment, and of course, SE and the polyvagal theory.

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