Episode 29: Jess Jeboult of A Sober Girl's Guide


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This was a fantastic episode with Jess of A Sober Girl's Guide. She has built an amazing collection of resources for any and all things to stick with sobriety!

Jess shares her own journey of dipping into and out of sobriety for ten years before finding a system and methods that helped her to fully integrate sobriety. She discusses some of her very practical strategies and techniques, workbooks and planners, that offer a guided and accountable method for practicing sobriety.

Jess is a lot of fun to speak with, and we discuss traditional recovery programs and why they may not work for everyone, the power of listening, and the importance of owning a trampoline.

Jess kindly offered a free giveaway to one lucky gal for her Sober Plan of Action Workbook and Journal. The giveaway will take place next week in The Self Love Project Facebook Group linked below.

If you have been trying to get sober, or stay sober, or are simply curious what a life without alcohol will look like, please enjoy this episode and the practical wisdom Jess and I share.

If nothing else, you will leave with a renewed appreciation that sober girls have lots of fun!

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