Episode 33: Bruce Parry of Tribe


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Bruce Parry has lived an incredibly adventurous life. He has traveled and led expeditions to some of the most remote regions of the world and lived with indigenous people around the globe.

Bruce is an English documentarian and indigenous rights advocate, having produced the documentary series Tribe, Amazon, and Artic for the BBC, showing Bruce exploring extreme environments and living with remote indigenous peoples and highlighting many of the important issues being faced on the environmental front line.

In my conversation with Bruce, I was curious to hear how his widespread travels and adventures have impacted him personally, and how this dictates his past and current lifestyle and practices. We talk psychedelics, silent Vipassanna meditation, and the awareness found in foraging.

Bruce is an environment advocate, having witnessed firsthand the destruction brought to tribal people by ongoing and disruptive development in remote regions. He is also well practiced in ceremonial psychedelics, from a personal standpoint as well as an observational one.

As my own work focuses on anxiety and trauma resolution, I was curious to hear his thoughts on how stress and trauma show up in tribal cultures, and what the sense of living with a truly egalitarian people feels like.

I was quite excited to speak with Bruce for many reasons, my own great love of the wilderness and adventure first and foremost. I also have a deep sense of responsibility for being a steward on the planet, and love Bruce’s take on how we must all “fall in love with nature” to begin restoring and protecting our natural and wild places.

If you are as fascinated by interesting people as I am, or want to deepen your own connection with nature, with your essential self, and with your fellow humans—give this episode a listen.

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