Episode 48: Gillian Tietz of the Sober Powered Podcast


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If you like science and sobriety, you'll love this episode. Gillian Tietz is the host and producer of The Sober Powered Podcast, where she uses her own story and scientific knowledge to break down complex concepts of how alcohol affects our brains, bodies, and biochemistry.

Gill is a biochemist in the Boston area. She has recently celebrated 1 year of sobriety, after 5 years of attempting to learn how to moderate her drinking. When she quit drinking, she became passionate about researching addiction science. Using her scientific background, she set out on a quest to learn why she can't drink like everyone else. Gill loves to share this information and hopes she can help people either quit drinking a little sooner or to reduce their shame around being a problem drinker.

Gillian is a delight and shares her story in a beautiful and open manner, bringing so much relatability to the show. We talk about the many factors that can influence a person to become a problem drinker or alcoholic, and ways we can begin to change our lives for the better if we do identify as problem drinkers.

This is a sweet and well informed episode, so much so that I had to publish it right away and share it with all of you!

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