Episode 53: Stacie Ysidro, Sober Sex Coach


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Join me for this incredibly informative episode in exploring healthy sexuality sober!

Stacie Ysidro holds a special certification in Sex Coaching from Sex Coach University, is a certified erotic blueprint therapist, and a member of the world association of sex coaches. She has been coaching individuals and couples nationwide for over 10 years, helping thousands of people to embrace their authentic sexual selves, communicate effectively and heal and transform compulsive behavior patterns into positive healthy expression.

Stacie has been drug and alcohol free for over 4 years, and this lifestyle has allowed her to specialize in the realm of sober sex. She uses her extensive education and experience to help you have the best sex of your life...Sober!

In our conversation we discuss the importance of knowing yourself fully and asking specific questions to create a more fulfilling sexual experience. We touch on the importance of reclaiming pleasure, both in and out of our sexuality. Stacie shares some wonderful tools and profound questions that can help anyone on their journey to embracing sober sex!

If you are on a path to sobriety and interested in cultivating a new relationship with your sexuality, this talk with Stacie will offer you practical tools and resources to get started!

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