Episode 54: Sally Imeson, connecting Nutrition and Trauma Healing


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Join me for a highly informative and engaging episode with Sally Imeson. We discuss her multifaceted approach to wellness, why I think making gelatin is difficult, and how truly nurturing your body goes far deeper than counting calories or macros.

Sally was inspired by natural medicine from a young age, and has a twenty year history of studying Beauty Therapy, Nutrition and Stress Management, and Sports Management. When she became a new wife and mother she quickly learned that emotional wellness is far more important then ‘calories, nutrients or portion sizes’.

Living in an environment with domestic violence and raising two children on her own showed Sally deep trauma and led her direction with trauma care investigation. She now teaches and advocates that caring for the nervous system and setting up your lifestyle to positively support the nervous system is the most nurturing nutrition philosophy to follow.

I learned a great deal from Sally in our time together and I have no doubt you will also! Enjoy the episode.

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