Episode 55: Jen Butler of JB Partners and the SMaRT club


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I had a wonderful time getting to know Jen Butler, founder and CEO of JB partners and the SMaRT club and methodology.

Jen brings a Master of Education degree, Board Certification as a Coach, a fresh perspective and more than 30 years of experience to business coaching. A Diplomat of the American Institute of Stress, she has created the SMaRT Club+ that addresses the 11 stepping-stones to Stress Management and Resilience Training so every team member can get back to enjoying their work and businesses and reap the financial benefits of success.

We dive into looking at healing stress from a systemic approach, and I ask Jen what systems she finds most useful for seeing big changes in her clients. She has a profound and wonderful answer for a big question I ask on why stress is so prevalent in the western world to begin with.

If you are someone that deals with stress or anxiety that is negatively impacting your life or your business, give this episode a listen. Jen is a true professional with a heart of gold and gave me a broader perspective on how to approach healing from stress.

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