Episode 56: Wendie Taylor, Registered Dietician, Emotional Eating Coach


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Settle in for this fantastic episode with Wendie Taylor. I loved her approach of incorporating intuitive eating and the idea of adding more instead of restricting.

Wendie Taylor, MBA, RDN is registered dietitian and food/body image coach. She is working to redefine the stereotypical ideal of a “dietitian”. She works with women to find freedom from "diet brain" and helps navigate them in their journey to Unlearn everything about dieting and uncover their inner intuitive eater! She loves helping women that feel trapped by dieting and the scale. Her mission is to help them to improve their relationship with their body and food so they live and be the women they were created to be.

Wendie has a holistic and well rounded approach to physical and mental health and how food factors in to our lives and mindsets. We talked about her food personality quiz and I highly recommend you take it!

Turns out I am a "no shame eater", which works well for me because in all honesty, I thought about a donut for much of this episode.

If you struggle with food, have ever struggled with food, or just want food to be easy -- please listen to this episode. Wendie's approach makes a good deal of sense and feels incredibly ease-ful.

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Links for Wendie:

Website: https://wendietaylor.com/

Facebook Group: https://facebook.com/groups/ditchingdietstogether

Eating Personality Quiz:https://wendietaylor.com/quiz

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