Episode 58: Tammy Roth, Wayshower and Soul Guide


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I had the great pleasure to speak with Tammy Roth: PhD, Soul Coach, sober woman, and counselor of empaths. She is a wonderful guest and gives hope and strength to anyone who is highly sensitive or empathetic and worries that this may be a negative attribute.

Tammy Roth is an intuitive and creative empath who spent most of her life numbing out her gifts with alcohol, over achieving, food, and any other distractions she could find. She is now on a mission to guide women in recovery to learn to embrace their gifts of sensitivity and empathic abilities. Her focus is to help women drop beneath the personality and ego to the soul level to nurture their innate gifts. Tammy's background includes 20 years as a holistic psychotherapist and now works solely as an intuitive soul coach. She offers women's retreats and groups both online and in person on The Forgotten Coast of Florida.

She explains the difference between empathy and being an empath, enlightens us to the scale of highly sensitive people, and offers strength and wisdom to moving on this path.

Tammy shares her own journey with recovery and her multifaceted talents and professional career. She now focuses on working with the soul and leading humans to a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.

Tammy explains her work with family constellations, and yes, this work is as profound and fascinating as it sounds.

I know you will enjoy her episode and leave feeling much as I did: awakened again to the own gentle nature of my soul’s calling.

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