Episode 59: Lori Brookes, author of "The Unintended Positive Consequences of Hiking"


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Join me for a sweet and lively discussion with author and self proclaimed woman with moxie, Lori Brooks.

Lori is an accomplished/published writer and photographer, and was not a hiker prior to the journey she outlines in her book. Lori published her first memoir in February 2020. Her memoir covers a landmark and poignant slice of time in her life. On the edge of her 59th birthday Lori experienced an awakening on a solo hike in Death Valley National Park, which led to a divinely gifted idea of hiking her way to her 60th birthday, with no other agenda than to transform her health. It became known as the Sixty60 Journey, 60 hikes to 60 years. What actually transpired in that year and beyond is what she calls her "Unintended Positive Consequences of Hiking" also the title of her memoir.

Lori shares many aspects of her story with me, from comical to grief laden experiences, in our talk together. She offers practical advice for anyone looking to transform their health or try something new and adventurous.

Enjoy this episode and hopefully we will see you on the trail!

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