Episode 60: Amber Petty, Writer and Entrepreneur


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I am joined today by the fabulous Amber Petty, who shares a plethora of wisdom with us. A freelance writer and entrepreneur, Amber speaks to finding creative satisfaction outside of traditional means.

After spending 13 years in New York as an actor, Amber got tired of waiting around for auditions and started freelance writing. Six years later, she's written for the New York Times, Thrillist, Greatist, Parade, MTV.com, Bustle, and even Snooki's blog. In her Freelance Writing for Actors & Creatives class, she's helped students go from no previous experience to bylines in Business Insider, Huffington Post, Thrillist, Eater, and more.

We talk about the internal shift she went through with transitioning from an actor to a freelance writer, and what helped her to move forward through a difficult time. She mentions more than once the importance of establishing areas of our lives and creativity that are within our control to help propel us forward.

Amber also shares some hilarious and inspiring moments from her time in NYC as an actor and in performing with The Upright Citizen’s Brigade. She drops pearls of wisdom on what it means to really live your dream, and how to take a look at if the current lifestyle you’re living matches up to the dream you’ve imagined.

Amber is a real gem; I am clearly a fan! If you are a creative person trying to find your way, this episode is for you. You are not alone in your struggles and dreams, girl, we are right there with you!

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