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Beyond the Words is a podcast that talks about writing, publishing and promoting your future bestselling novel. Join bestseller Holly Hunt as she talks to other authors and guides you, step by step, through the process of writing a great novel. Each week, join us for a new episode discussing a part of the writing journey with a new wonderful author, and gain some insight into the mixed and varied world of publishing in the 2010s.
Episode List:
Chapter 1 - Components
1.Deciding Why to Write
2.Coping with perfectionism
3.Your writing area
4.Finding the time to write
5.Developing characters
6.Settings and conflicts
7.Crafting a plot
8.Researching your story
Chapter 2 – Mechanics
9.Crafting a beginning
10.You've set off on your adventure – now what?
11.The first conflict
12.Initiating change in your characters
13.Character development
14.The Big Conflict/the final battle
15.The Return Home
16.The HEA/HFN: Can you finish a book without one?
17.Planning for a sequel
Chapter 3 – Techniques
18.Description vs Action
21.The Villain You Wish You Could Strangle
22.Dialogue and dialogue tags
23.When is infodumping okay?
24.Finding the Ending
Chapter 4 - Polishing Your Book
25.The rewrite
a.Transitioning from Fiction to Non-Fiction: Why?
26.Finding those pesky mistakes
28.Fleshing out your world
29.My hero is a sook – help!
30.Finding good betas
a.Relating to your editor
Chapter 5 - Publishing
31.You've written a book! Now what?
32.Discovering publishers
33.How to present your work
34.The dreaded rejection
35.I got a personalised rejection – now what?
36.Rewriting again!
37.Into the rabbit hole – presenting your work to publishers
38.Self-publishing – Is it worth it?
39.Amazon and other self-publishing tools
40.Coping with bad reviews
Chapter 6 – Promotion
41.You're published! Wait, the journey's not over?
42.Basics of promotion: How & Where
43.Promotion for free
44.Marketing in the Modern World
45.Paying for promotion – is it worth it?
46.Physical vs Online
47.Book Tours and Author Appearances
48.The Dreaded Convention

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