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Episode #179 of BGMania. On today's show, Bryan is joined once again by Bedroth to show some love and admiration for one of the greatest composers of our time, Nobuo Uematsu. Email the show at with requests for upcoming episodes, questions, feedback, comments, concerns, whatever you want really! Please consider supporting the show by using our Amazon Affiliate link when shopping online!

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  1. Blassty Main Theme from Cruise Chaser Blassty [Nobuo Uematsu, 1986]
  2. Sunset Coastline from Rad Racer [Nobuo Uematsu, 1987]
  3. Town Music from Square no Tom Sawyer [Nobuo Uematsu, 1989]
  4. Magitek Research Facility from Final Fantasy VI [Nobuo Uematsu, 1994]
  5. Silent Light from Chrono Trigger [Nobuo Uematsu, 1995]
  6. Boss Battle from Egg Monster Hero [Nobuo Uematsu, 2005]
  7. Main Theme from Blue Dragon [Nobuo Uematsu, 2006]
  8. Neverending Journey from Lost Odyssey [Nobuo Uematsu, 2007]
  9. Main Theme from Super Smash Bros. Brawl [Nobuo Uematsu, 2008]
  10. Meowmeowmeowmeowmeow from The Last Story [Nobuo Uematsu, 2011]
  11. Sky Island Theme from Fantasy Life [Nobuo Uematsu, 2012]
  12. Main Theme from Fairy Fencer F [Nobuo Uematsu, 2013]
  13. Sailing from Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas [Nobuo Uematsu, 2013]
  14. Main Theme from Terra Battle [Nobuo Uematsu, 2014]


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