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Episode #185 of BGMania. On today's show, Bryan has invited a popular name in the video game music podcasting community as well as the host of A VGM Journey, Alex Messenger, to join him as the two listen to some music from sports games while casually chatting about everything from baseball to tennis! Email the show at with requests for upcoming episodes, questions, feedback, comments, concerns, whatever you want really! Please consider supporting the show by using our Amazon Affiliate link when shopping online!

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  1. Ring Attack from Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour [Motoi Sakuraba, 2003]
    1. Title Theme from Bases Loaded [Kouji Murata & Akihito Hayashi, 1988]
  2. Menu Song from All-Star Baseball '99 [Rick Fox, 1998]
  3. Batting Game Theme from Super Baseball 2020 [Junichi Kuramochi & Hiroo Ikeda, 1993]
  4. Offense Theme from Tecmo Bowl [Keiji Yamagishi, 1989]
  5. Half Time from Bill Walsh College Football [Brian Schmidt, 1994]
  6. 1st Quarter Theme from NFL Blitz 2000 [Paul Webb, 1999]
  7. Game Start from Blades of Steel [Shinya Sakamoto, Kazuki Muraoka, Atsushi Fujio, & Kiyohiro Sada, 1988]
  8. Title Theme from NHL '94 [Rob Hubbard, 1993]
  9. Keep Skating from Super Blood Hockey [Shawn Daley, 2017]
  10. Main Theme from NBA Jam [Rick Fox, 1994]
  11. Character Select from Mario Hoops 3-on-3 [Masayoshi Soken, 2006]
  12. Menu Theme 2 from Coach K College Basketball [Jeff van Dyck, 1995]
  13. Tennis -Results- from Wii Sports [Kazumi Totaka, 2006]


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