The Last Pillar: Communal Literature – Paradigm E11


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Are there ways to read the Bible other than a private quiet time? For most of Church history, followers of Jesus read the Bible out loud in groups and passed along its message verbally. In this episode, Tim, Jon, and Carissa talk about what it means for the Bible to be communal literature and how knowing that might just change the way we experience it today.

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  • Part one (0:00-9:30)
  • Part two (9:30-13:45)
  • Part three (13:45-21:30)
  • Part four (21:30-31:30)
  • Part five (31:30-47:30)
  • Part six (47:30-55:30)
  • Part seven (55:30-1:02:25)

Referenced Resources

  • Early History of the Alphabet, Joseph Naveh
  • The JPS Torah Commentary: Deuteronomy, Jeffrey H. Tigay
  • Scripture and Its Interpretation: A Global, Ecumenical Introduction to the Bible, Michael J. Gorman
  • Interested in more? Check out Tim’s library here.

Show Music

  • “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS
  • “Uncut Gems” by Mezhdunami
  • “Dreams (Instrumental)” by Xander
  • “Like the Sky, or Something Else” by Sleepy Fish
  • “Life” by KV

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