149: Post Breast Cancer And Loving Her Body with Mandy Boland [“I Did It” Series]


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I'm coming at you with another Friday bonus episode, where Mandy Boland talks about being diagnosed with breast cancer, experiencing weight gain, and ultimately, her propulsion into MACROS 101. I’m really excited to share this episode and Mandy’s transformation with you this week!

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  • What’s in store in Macros 101 (1:32, 12:09)
  • How important tracking and balance is (9:48, 18:00)
  • Progress can still happen even if we age (14:36, 20:46)
  • Being plant-based while doing macro counting (11:20, 13:03)
  • Lifting with macro counting (13:32)
  • Mental shifts while going through Macros 101 (15:41)
  • You can get your best self back even if you encounter huge medical changes (20:04)



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