FACT OR FICTION: Alden Wicker and Sandra Roos think the fashion industry has a misinformation problem... do you agree?


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In this episode we continue to explore the most commonly repeated "factoids" in fashion and sustainability in order to determine whether they are substantive and useful. As a reminder, a "factoid" is information that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact. During Stockholm Fashion Week, Mike spoke with Alden Wicker, freelance journalist and founder of Eco-cult and Sandra Roos, Head of Sustainability at KappAhl and PhD in Environmental Systems Analysis, about commonly used social and environmental statements related to the fashion industry and if they are based on credible research and robust analysis. They then dive deeper to discuss whether fashion has a broader problem with misinformation regarding sustainability, the role of fashion journalists and fashion researchers in promoting misinformation, and what could be done moving forward to ensure robust and credible information is used when presenting the status of sustainability performance in fashion. This interview was inspired by an article written by Alden for Vox.

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