From Homeless to Hero Featuring Michael Unbroken


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How are the experiences you had influencing other people?
In this episode, we have a very special guest, Michael Unbroken!
Author of Think Unbroken, who is here to share with us his success story!
In this video we go over Micheal's life, the events he's been through, and how those events have shaped him into the person he is today. We go over difficult choices he had to make and why he decided to make those choices. We also talk about the importance of knowing your worth and investing in yourself.
Watch the full video on YouTube to learn how Michael got to have 50+ employees under him at just 21 years old:
Other topics discussed:
1. How your experiences in life can make you a better person
2. Mentors and how to find them
3. The importance of investing in yourself!
4. Learning from your mistakes
5. How to stand out in the marketplace
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