How To Get Clients On Instagram featuring Chris & Eric Martinez


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Are you struggling with how to get clients on Instagram? Getting LEGIT clients from Instagram requires only a few simple steps but they must be the RIGHT steps or people will go running for the hills.

In this episode of the Big Picture Business Podcast, fitness and lifestyle business coaches Chris and Eric Martinez break down their process on how to land clients on Instagram in 2021, how to get more clients through Instagram, and how to get coaching clients on Instagram.

Knowing the ways to get clients on Instagram and the strategies to find clients on Instagram 2021 is what will set you apart from your competition. If you’re looking for powerful strategies to generate leads on Instagram, turn Instagram followers into PAYING clients, or ways to increase engagement on Instagram then these are the strategies you’ll need to know.

Other Topics Discussed Include:

  • The 7 neighborhoods of Instagram and how to utilize each of these strategies to generate leads on Instagram
  • How to raise brand awareness on Instagram
  • The exact process for how to grow on Instagram
  • How to go from being a business owner to become a business coach
  • The H.A.C Method to separate yourself from others online

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