Organic Marketing Is DEAD (and what to do about it)


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Organic Marketing Is Dead. Someone had to say it and it might as well be us. Now before you call this clickbait, think about who are the people who keep saying organic marketing is the best way to build a business? Do they happen to be already well-known or successful? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

On this episode of The Big Picture Business Podcast, we dive into how and when organic marketing really works when marketing online. We look at Organic Social Media Marketing, organic vs paid advertising, we share some advanced organic marketing strategies, how to start online advertising, and we show you how to win at online marketing when the deck is stacked against you. If you’ve been feeling like marketing online is pay-to-play (hint: it is) and want a game plan to succeed then this is the episode for you.

Other Topics Discussed Include:

  • AI (artificial intelligence) and how it makes decisions
  • Our never before shared secrets for hacking the algorithm
  • An ingenious strategy for “priming the pixel”
  • Ranking factors that determine your exposure
  • How to rank organically and how to get social proof

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