#045 Former Special Advisor to the Health Secretary — Richard Sloggett


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So it's your first day as Health Secretary — what do you do!?

Richard Sloggett was former Special Advisor to the Health Secretary (Matt Hancock) during which he worked across public health, the NHS and social care. He’s also Senior Fellow at the think tank Policy Exchange and has been named one of the 100 most influential people in healthcare policy by the Health Service Journal.

Richard has also recently founded a global healthcare policy research centre: Future Health. The Centre is researching health and economic opportunities in building more resilient and preventative healthcare systems enabled by new technologies: https://www.futurehealth-research.com

We talk about whether healthcare is as unique as medics like to think, Richard’s learnings from his time as special advisor and his specific recommendations for getting clued up on health policy.

I hope you enjoy.

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