303: The Secret Steps to Getting Qualified for the Best Mortgage Possible


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You may have seen mortgage tips posted throughout the forums or in the BiggerPockets Money Facebook Group, but rarely do you get preapproval tips straight from a lender themselves. As the housing market stays hot and interest rates continue to rise, it may seem harder and harder to get approved for the amount, or the interest rate, that you want. Now, instead of guessing what you can do to increase your financeability, you can get answers directly from the source!

Joining us today is Jon Lallande, former mortgage lender, now real estate investor. Jon has helped close tens of millions of dollars in mortgages and has funded homes across the US. He’s on today to help us separate the wheat from the lending chaff so you can have a smoother preapproval process. Jon touches on the different types of lenders, how to increase your credit score before you apply for a loan, getting around lender “overlays”, and how tax deductions can be dangerous for self-employed professionals.

No matter your qualification query, Jon probably has an answer to it. Listening to this episode may just give you the steps you need to finally lock down that first deal, primary residence, or next investment property!

In This Episode We Cover

The easiest way to make yourself “attractive” to a lender

Lender overlays and how to get around them so you can get preapproved

The easiest way to raise your credit score so you can get the best loan possible

The upside of PMI (private mortgage insurance) and how to purchase properties with low money down

Why many investors put themselves in mortgage fraud territory and how you can stay out of it

How to get a mortgage as a self-employed individual and when NOT to take deductions

And So Much More!

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