506: Achieving Financial Freedom Through Small Multifamily Investing


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Financial freedom is attainable for all of us, but how fast we reach it differs greatly. You may be making $100 profit per month on each single-family home you buy, but what if you could multiply that profit? A duplex becomes $200 per month, a fourplex, $400, and a 16 unit apartment will net you a solid $1,600 per month. Now, it’s not a goal of buying 50+ single-family homes to reach financial freedom, it’s buying 10 or so small multifamily investments.

This simple mindset tweak can change your life and investing career forever, it certainly did for Brandon Turner, host of The BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast and author of The Multifamily Millionaire. This pre-recorded webinar walks through the key benefits of investing in small multifamily, how to find and finance deals, risks to look out for, and scaling so you can go full-time in real estate.

There are tons of tips, tricks, and free giveaways (including discount codes) throughout this episode, and if you’re looking for visuals, head over to the BiggerPockets Youtube Channel to see the full slideshow!

In This Episode We Cover

How to reach financial freedom through small multifamily investing

The four key benefits of investing in multifamily properties

How to find deals (even if you live in an expensive area)

How to analyze your multifamily deals using the BiggerPockets Calculators

Financing your deals using FHA loans, conventional loans, and seller financing

Risks and dangers to look out for in your next deal

And So Much More!

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