410: Life-Changing Deals: 5 Traits They Have in Common with Ken Corsini


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What does it take to pull off a home run real estate deal?

Today, we put that question to Ken Corsini, HGTV star and author of Profit Like the Pros: The Best Real Estate Deals That Shaped Expert Investors.

Ken spoke to a diverse group of 25 investors about their very best deals, and in this episode he breaks down the common threads that run through each of those stories.

You'll also hear Ken's tips for building your own personal brand in your market, and how he used his "Flip or Flop Atlanta" fame to build a brokerage and mortgage company.

Throughout this episode, Ken points you to individual investors in the BiggerPockets community; be sure to check out their BP profiles to learn more... and pick up a copy of the Profit Like the Pros in the BiggerPockets store today.

Every format includes a bunch of great bonus materials, including a breakdown of 22 investors' worst deals – so you can avoid the same mistakes.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • How personal connections often lead to home run deals
  • Honing in on a specific niche and building expert knowledge
  • How one deal can change the trajectory of your career
  • Ken, David, and Brandon's personal best/favorite deals
  • Common traits of the worst deals featured in Ken's book
  • How Ken built a personal brand, then spun it into different businesses
  • How he controls each aspect of his real estate transactions (title, lending, etc.)
  • And SO much more!

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