480: Making $200k a Month After Being on the Verge of Bankruptcy


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At one point, Dan Brault had a construction company working on custom builds in upstate New York. He had left behind a successful sales career to do it and although he was highly stressed, he felt all of his hard work was going to be rewarded sometime soon. That is, until, he had a huge project that went over budget, over the timeline, and forced him into $400,000 worth of debt.

Dan closed his company, went back to sales and started to think about what he did wrong. Was it the leadership? Was it the system? Was it just bad luck? Dan went to work, doing whatever he could to level up his business skills so he could get back into real estate full-time and do so in a way that allowed him to scale.

Now, after going through many of life’s lessons, Dan is doing phenomenally, with him and his team closing on 12+ wholesale deals a month, getting him close to $200k in monthly revenue. He credits his success to his systems, his team, and the way he pivoted his leadership that allowed the entire company to work as one well-oiled machine.

In This Episode We Cover:

The danger of buying cheap homes in C or D-class neighborhoods

On-market vs. off-market properties and which investors should go for off-market deals

Dan’s favorite off-market strategies and the way he gets most of his leads

Finding the “price behind the problem” so you can close on more deals

Forming partnerships with real estate brokerages as a wholesaler

The high costs of running a wholesaling team

What sets apart gurus and gimmicks from real, honest coaches

And SO much more!

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