519: 5 Keys to Becoming a Millionaire on Less Than $100k Per Year


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You may know Ashley Kehr from the Real Estate Rookie Podcast, but you may not know that only a short time ago she was a rookie herself. Ashley started as a property manager for a local investor and slowly made her way from owning one property to owning thirty-three long-term rentals, a short-term arbitrage property, two commercial units, and one mobile home park. Quite a diverse portfolio!

What makes this even more impressive is that Ashley wasn’t coming into real estate with boatloads of cash. In fact, she and her husband have never collectively made more than six figures from their W2 jobs. So how does someone with a median income generate such a massive amount of cash flow, appreciation, and time freedom?

Ashley discusses the five fundamentals of real estate investing that led her to seven-figure net worth. These fundamentals can be used by anyone, at any stage in real estate investing, no matter their experience level. If you’re ready to supercharge your investing and go from rookie to rockstar, commit to the game plan Ashley has laid out!

In This Episode We Cover:

How to invest in real estate while making a median income

Diversifying your portfolio so you have multiple exit strategies and streams of income

Why every investor needs to “become a rookie all over again

Using creative financing to structure deals that benefit the buyer and seller

Leveraging partnerships to find cash, divvy up responsibilities, and purchase more real estate

Owning a business and learning the skills that every leader needs to succeed

And So Much More!

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