529: “Free Real Estate”, Negotiations, & Market Cycles | 'Takeover' Ep w Pace Morby


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Creative financing solves an important problem for almost every type of real estate investor. Don’t have enough cash? Try creative financing! No credit? Try creative financing! Ran out of conventional loans? You already know what we’re going to say...One of the most knowledgeable real estate investors around, who pretty much reinvented the subject to deal, is Pace Morby, and he’s here with us today!

Pace invites four guests onto the show to ask him their most burning questions about subject to deals, creative financing, legal protections when investing in real estate, and how to negotiate with a seller. Even if you’ve never thought of doing a creative financing structure, Pace may convince you that there’s good reason to be educated on them, as it could help you save thousands in closing costs and allow you to scale your portfolio much quicker.

In This Episode We Cover:

  • What are novation agreements and why they may be a great secret negotiating tactic
  • Whether or not today’s housing market shows similar signs to the 2007 crash
  • How to calculate profits for a potential buyer on a wholesale deal
  • Whether or not an LLC is necessary when buying rental properties or flips
  • The inexpensive team member that could help take HOURS of work off your plate
  • What to do when a seller won’t come down to your maximum offer
  • And So Much More!

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