532: Is 2022 the “Perfect Storm” For Multifamily Investing? | J Scott Takeover


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If you own a single-family rental or a portfolio of single-family rentals, the world of large multifamily may seem scary to you. There are so many more tenants and units, there’s a different financing structure, and what about finding the deals? At some point, many investors make the jump into the world of multifamily, and they rarely look back. One of our own, J Scott, did the same when he offered a year's worth of work for free in order to learn the multifamily game.

Joining him today are multifamily syndicators and thought leaders Ashley Wilson, Brian Burke, and Joe Fairless. Together these four investors manage over two billion dollars worth of multifamily real estate. And just like many listeners, they at one point started at zero.

J uses this episode as a multifamily roundtable, asking each of these veteran investors about the state of the housing market, where to invest, how to plan an exit, which strategies they use when investing, and how rookie investors can get started. Regardless of your unit count, experience, or real estate skills, all these investors believe that with some hard, creative work, you too can succeed in multifamily!

In This Episode We Cover:

Why 2021 was the “perfect storm” for multifamily (and whether or not it will continue)

Cap rate and why it isn’t as great of a metric as most investors think it is

Creating an entrance and exit plan for a large multifamily deal

Finding the “value-add” that will make you and your investors more money

How to analyze a multifamily market using a number of demographic metrics

Transitioning from single-family investing to multifamily success

Growing relationships with owners, brokers, and multifamily vendors

And So Much More!

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