151: Overcoming Hardships with JR Spear


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JR Spear is not only a master in martial arts with a martial arts business, he is also a veteran. JR was overseas with our military and almost got blown up by a suicide bomber that shifted his life forever. In this episode, he describes his experience, how he’s working through that trauma, and how he turned his mess into his message.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:10] Life Story

[5:02] Learning Through Struggles

[13:14] Having Coaches Inside Of Business

[17:48] Objections In Business

[21:12] Life Changing Event In The Service

[29:49] Recovery Process

[33:32] Biggest Difficulty Recovering


  1. You have to have an outside perspective to be able to see what your imperfections are.
  2. You have to earn this life. God put you here for a reason
  3. Pain or trauma in the brain is real. Whether it’s small or big.
  4. Let faith and your purpose in life drive you to keep going.


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