153: Create Time Freedom In Your Business with Adrienne Dorison


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Adrienne Dorison takes big business operational principles and figures out how to best apply them to the small business world. She has helped hundreds of businesses expand profit margins and cut costs in a short amount of time.

This episode is all about running your business like clockwork, taking back your time and helping you create a business where you can spend less energy, time, resources and money to have a business that continues to grow even when you're not there.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:05] Benefit From Applying Adrianne’s Tips

[4:46] Process Of Getting Into The Systems

[10:23] Common Mistakes And Tactics To Fix Them

[17:20] Becoming More Efficient With Your Time

[23:33] Building Confidence In Your Team Members

[30:02] Hiring The Right Person


  1. Create a sense of freedom by making the business less dependent on you.
  2. A CEO should be spending much more of their time in the design element and the creation of the future.
  3. Give your team members space to make decisions to build confidence in them so that you aren’t stuck answering 400 questions a day.


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