156: Ferraris, Mansions, & Misery To Happiness with Simon Lovell


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Simon Lovell went from $50k of debt and went onto starting a multi-million dollar company until ultimately coming to help entrepreneurs build their confidence and be happy again.

In this episode, Simon tells the exact frameworks he used to be able to break free from past traumas.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:58] Defining Trauma

[4:11] Self Discovery And Identifying Self Sabotage

[10:34] Having An Addiction

[16:21] Making The Choice Of “Do I Want To Change”

[20:20] How Anxiety Affects How People Meet You

[25:20] Figuring Out What You Actually Want

[31:50] Aware And Unaware Traumas

[34:01] Creating Identity

[40:52] See What Triggers You

[43:25] Balance Between Solo And Community

[46:00] Process Of Struggling

[49:45] Leaving An Old Identity

[51:53] Don’t Create Problems


  1. Start your day off feeling good and notice what drops your energy and triggers you to find the indicator of things that need to be addressed.
  2. You have your truest self and your forced self. You have to have the right environment to be able to share yourself.
  3. When you’re struggling, you fix it by speaking about it. You need to have courage to do that and not wait till you think you’ve fixed it.


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