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I'm sure many would agree that the world seems to be falling further into chaos with each passing day.

Bitcoiners have been discussing this problem for a long time, as well as the necessity to build a parallel system in response, for those who wish to opt-out of the old system, and opt-in to one more in-line with their principles and values (most of all, freedom).

While they've done that with money (bitcoin), and continue to build technologies that preserve privacy and circumvent censorship, the foundation of any life, culture and civilization, is food.

The guys on the show today recognize that, and have been working hard to build a resilient, accessible model, for people to establish greater food security, adopt a different lifestyle, and regenerate and become stewards of the environment in the process.

This is what has become known as 'Decentralized Grazzing' or 'Bitcoin Ranching'.

If this is your first exposure to this concept, I strongly suggest you go back and listen to my first episode with Joel (untapped growth), as well as the previous episode with this same crew.



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