Lubomir Arsov, Creator of 'In Shadow', on the Sickness of 'Modern' Culture, Truth, Spirituality, Religion, Transformation, and Bitcoin


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Lubomir Arsov is the creator of the film 'In Shadow'.

The film deals with concepts and themes relating to the degradation of modern culture, and the psychological, emotional, ideological, economic, and spiritual antecedents which have contributed to it.

It is a sharp and provocative film, which illustrates the ugliness of our current situation, but finishes with powerful imagery of hope and transcendence.

Although there was no reference to bitcoin in the film, many of the same criticisms of modern culture are often discussed in the bitcoin space, and so I thought it would be interesting to speak with Lubo, to hear more about his perspective and motivations in creating the film.

What follower was a broad conversation about spirituality, psychedelics, psychology, religion, value, bitcoin, and much more.



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