Revolutionary Cycles Converging with Mark Moss


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For many, the events and changes which we observe throughout the course of our life can appear random, seemingly without predictable cause or pattern. As a result, we relegate ourselves to simply reacting to things as they occur, which often means we are far more subject to the imposition which those events cause, than we might have been, had we acted sooner.

To some, it feels like we are currently entering into another historical period of great change. To others, it simply seems like a disruption, soon to return to regular programming.

Making the case (to friends and loved ones), that it is indeed the former which is occurring, and therefore certain special measures should be taken to survive and thrive in such an environment, can be a difficult task.

On a recent trip to El Salvador, Mark was explaining to me his thesis about the convergence happening right now of several recurring cycles, and how it may be a useful framework for anticipating what is to come.

I thought that it might be a useful framework to help explain what is happening to others, so I invited Mark on to discuss in detail.



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