Magnus Heystek buys bitcoin and compliments BizNews share portfolio’s offshore focus 


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The hard-hitting Magnus Heystek compares the BizNews share portfolio’s performance to some of South Africa’s largest asset managers that have greatly underperformed offshore-focused funds over the past decade. Alec Hogg’s BizNews portfolio is focused on exponential companies that can grow at more than 20% per annum; the portfolio includes the likes of Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Netflix. The point Magnus is trying to convey is that many South African savers lack diversification and offshore exposure in their portfolios, which have made them poorer as a result. The South African economy has been beaten to its knees. The unemployment data released earlier this week shows that … with no signs of a recovery. Magnus also announces his first bitcoin purchase, the investment strategist having a change of heart following an investment conference he attended.

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