Episode 175: Black Estate Planning w/ Ifeoma 'Iffy' Ibekwe


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For today’s episode, Tyrell and Daphne welcome Iffy Ibekwe, the founder and principal attorney at Ibekwe Law, PLLC. During the episode, they have a conversation about the Black-White wealth gap and the importance of estate planning for Black intergenerational wealth building (41:25). Iffy also shares myths and misconceptions related to estate planning (47:11), ways that everyday people can leave a legacy for the next generation (52:50), the costs associated with estate planning (58:10), how to build a financial dream team (1:00:15), and how to be a savvy consumer of financial advice (1:04:55). Next, Iffy provides insight into special estate planning considerations for single parents vs. married couples (1:09:00), elder planning (1:15:10), and single people without children (1:18:34). They close the episode by discussing the importance of trust funds for Black children (1:28:40).

Other Topics Include

00:30 - Catch up with Tyrell and Daphne

5:00 - BhD “Oh Lawd”

32:30- Introduction of Topic

35:30 - Learn More about Iffy’s Background

1:24:30 - Etiquette Around Discussing Estate Plans

1:32:58 - Ty and Daphne Reflect on the Interview


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