Episode 189 - Blippi Did What!?!?


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Episode 189 features the following:

  • The Blue Angels flew over the city of Nashville and everyone freaked out
  • Mother's Day was on Sunday and the guys talk about what they did on the day dedicated to Mom's everywhere
  • R.I.P. to Jerry Stiller and Little Richard
  • Lee wants to talk about Child Performers, such as Blippi, Bozo the Clown, The Wiggles, Barney and more. We learn a lot about these wealthy strange men that entertain the masses of youth across the world
  • Bryan Adams (the singer) made a very strange post on Instagram about the Coronavirus and the hosts try to determine is it racist?
  • The shows and movies we recommend this week are VEEP, Sports Night, and Coco
  • The show wraps up with a Dear John dedicated to a young man having problems with bullies

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